Monday, April 3, 2017

April Showering of Deals

Make Earth Day Every Day with eco-friendly cleaning & kitchen products.  Goodies for an Organic Easter Baskets.  Put your fresh face forward with new Andalou.  Avoid Tax Season Migraines with Feverfew.  Crisis-Free Cleansing.  New Tanning Coupon!
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Art of Fermentation..
Notable fermentation expert Sandor Katz calls fermentation "creative space between fresh food and rotten food where most of human culture's most prized delicacies and culinary achievements exist."

Fermentation is something of a lost art that is now making a comeback!  Don't be intimidated to give it a try.  Really anyone can do it - with the right tools - and make it easy and fun!

Have you ever attempted to make home-made pickles and found that getting those gherkins to stay in the brine is a tricky process?  Or maybe you've had cabbage grow mold before becoming sauerkraut?  Preserve the bounty of your garden produce without hassle using the Ferment'n Kit!  The secret is their airlock lid innovation which allows carbon dioxide to be released as it ferments, while preventing oxygen from spoiling the batch.  The lid fits over any wide-mouth mason jar.  Plus, the kit comes with a ceramic weight to keep your veggies submerged.

Get  FERMENT'N !   Kit is only $16.99 

Aside from making produce last longer, fermentation offers a host of health benefits:

  • Nutritional Enhancement -  During fermentation, some nutrients can be pre-digested into more "bioavailable" forms.   Certain vitamins (especially B vitamins) can increase and occasionally new micro-nutrients are created that were not present in the food to start.
  • Detoxification -  In some foods like nuts, tubers, and grains, fermentation actually removes toxins from foods making them edible or more digestible.
  • Probiotics – A variety of live bacterial cultures are present in some fermented foods that have not been heated, important for gut health and immune health.  Researchers are still finding out how these little beneficial microbes can help our health in other ways.
Here are some recipe ideas compliments of Ferment'n to get your creative juices bubbling!

Earth Days Green Cleaning Sale!

15% Off on All Cleaning Products
April 19-25

Because we are keen on keeping our water cleaner and using resources responsibly, we celebrate Earth Day every day here at the store, and hope you do too.  Stock up on sustainable products and enjoy 15% savings on all green cleaning products, bamboo cleaning and drying clothes, feminine hygeine items, tissues, paper towels, recycled aluminum foil, even bamboo cutting boards and utensils are lumped into this deal!
Aluminum is the most abundant metal on Earth's crust - but it is not found in pure form, rather in an ore called bauxite.  Large, open pit mining and then multi-step refinement is needed before we get aluminum for cans and foil.  Because it is such an energy intensive process, it is important to recycle cleaned aluminum foil.   
If You Care makes a 100% Recycled Aluminum Foil that uses 95% less energy to produce!  You can learn more about how to recycle aluminum foil here.
 Can't wait for Earth Week? 
Right now, you can save on Ecos Earth Friendly Dish Soap for just $2.99 per bottle!   (Reg. $3.99). Available in 4 different natural scent choices:  Almond, Lavender, Pear or Grapefruit.

Sweet Treats

Fill baskets with better treats this Easter - NO Artificial Colors or Flavors, that are Gluten Free, Peanut and Tree Nut Free, and Vegan.  Choose from Organic Jelly Beans from Surf Sweets in an 8oz bag for $4.69 or YumEarth all natural Sour Beans are on Sale for just $2.99 (Reg. $3.99) for 5 snack packs.  YumEarth also makes organic hard candies and lollipops in a variety of flavors for just $2.99 for about 3oz packages.  Organic fruit chews by Torie & Howard ($3.99/4oz. bag) also make a colorful and tasty edition to an organic Easter basket!  While not as allergy-friendly, Ocho Organic Chocolate Peanut Butter candies are sure to delight at just $4.49 for 3.5oz bag.  

Flower Grow Kits

Perfect for the Easter basket, get your kids interested in gardening by starting seeds in these adorable little pots.  Made in Holland, MI, the kits include seeds and growing medium contained within the little pot with a saucer lid.  Choose from Zinnia 'Illumination', Marigold 'Tiger Eye', Sunflower 'Autumn Beauty', or Coriander, by Walters Seed Company.  The plastic mini pots are made from 15% recycled plastic, and the cardboard packaging is 10% post-consumer recycled.  Only $2.99 each.  

Badger Lip Balm Sets 
Perfect for the person who likes to have a lip balm handy everywhere, the variety packs of Badger lip balms save time and money.  Only $7.99 for 3pk or $9.99 for 4pk.  Choose from: Tangerine Breeze, Grapefruit, Madagascar Vanilla.  (Red box)
Highland Mint, Lavender Orange, Unscented. (Green box)
Highland Mint, Tangerine, Unscented & Ginger-Lemon in the 4pk.

Junior Warmies
These irresistable plush animals delight and comfort with a little extra weight and light lavender scent.  When warmed up, the calming lavender becomes more prominent and can help little ones relax.  Junior sizes are just $10.99.

Fresh Face Forward with Andalou
 Face Cream Pod $3.99      Face Mask Pod  $3.99  
Sheet Mask  $4.99              Sponges $6.99
NEW travel size pods, peel-off masks, and konjac fiber sponges from the first certified Non-GMO beauty line - Andalou Naturals!  Expect to see more coming later in April.  Try out each one to see what's best for your skin - and let us know if you want a larger size!  


Does Tax Season Give You a Headache?

History and Botany
This unassuming daisy-like flowering plant has a long history of folk remedy use. It is native to southeastern Europe, and now found throughout the globe.  Latin names include: Tanacetum parthenium, Chrysanthemum parthenium, Matricaria parthenium. The name “Parthenium,” came about because it was supposedly used to save the life of a Greek person who had fallen from the Parthenon during construction in the 5th century BC.  Common names include Bachelor's Buttons, Wild Chamomile, or Featherfew because of its feathery leaves.

The word Feverfew stems from the Latin febrifugia, meaning fever reducer. As you might expect, it was used for fever reduction in centuries past, as well as for headaches, constipation or diarrhea, or trouble with labor. Ancient Greeks used it as an anti-inflammatory for menstrual cramps.  Flowers and leaves, or anything that grows above ground are used in medicinal preparations.

While it may not be the top choice for fever reduction today, several compounds found in Feverfew allow several pathways for anti-inflammatory benefits, by inhibiting synthesis of pro-inflammatory compounds. The main compound of interest that you'll see listed on supplement bottles is called parthenolide, a type of sesquiterpene lactone.

Parthenolide appears to help relieve spasms in smooth muscles, so it shows promise for soothing menstrual cramps, as historical use indicates. Some studies have shown that it has potential for arthritis pain mediation, or as a remedy for dermatitis, but more research needs to be done. Parthenolides do have noted anti-cancer properties as well, by promoting cancer cell death (apoptosis). 

Most of the attention on feverfew comes from its unique ability to be an effective migraine preventative (prophylactic). Clinical tests have shown using feverfew may reduce frequency and severity of migraines for most people. As mentioned earlier, a combination of compounds, mainly sesquiterpine lactones and flavonoids, allow for a reduction in platelet aggregation and histamine production to prevent blood vessel spasms, which contribute to migraine headaches.

SAVE on Feverfew in April!

Frontier Organic Feverfew -  NOW $1.62/oz.  Reg. $2.03/oz.
Nature's Sunshine Feverfew  -  NOW $19.99  Reg. $36.99
Solaray IbuActin+Migragard -  NOW $22.99  Reg. $27.99

One in eight people suffer from migraines, and many over-the-counter or prescription pain killers carry a risk of a "rebound effect"after long term use. This vicious cycle can occur when the drug is taken more than 2-3 times a week (or 10+ days/month), and actually begins to cause pain. The user feels the need to take more medication, and the cycle continues.  Feverfew does not appear to have this problem, and can be a powerful tool to help stop migraines before they start.

IbuActin with Migragard by Solaray combines Feverfew with other powerful, natural anti-inflammatory herbs like White Willow, Turmeric, Butterbur, and more.  It includes 2.45mg Parthenolide guaranteed per serving (3 capsules), containing 60 veg caps.

Nature's Sunshine's Feverfew concentrate guarantees 500 mcg (0.5mg) of Parthenolides per serving (1 capsule), and contains 100 veg caps - over 3 months supply!  

For use in a tea or topical poultice, Organic Feverfew may be found in our Bulk Section, so buy as much as you'd like!  Be aware the taste will be bitter, so a little honey might be needed. 

Safety & Side Effects:

Though generally safe, always talk to your health care professional before beginning any new regimen.  Feverfew may increase risk of bleeding for those on blood thinners, and may interfere with the body's ability to process some drugs that are broken down by the liver.  As part of the Asteraceae plant family, people who are allergic to ragweed, etc. should check with their doctor.  Pregnant and nursing women should avoid it.*

Crisis-Free Cleansing
with Suzan Moody
Thurs. April 20th - 6 to 7pm 

Imagine you want to clean out a large closet and you pull everything out all at the same time.  Before you know it, you can hardly move around the room because of all the stuff in your way.  Just as clutter can so easily accumulate in a household, making tasks more difficult to accomplish, so too toxins can accumulate in your body's tissues, making it work harder to function.  

You may have experienced firsthand certain unpleasantness while doing a cleanse, known as a Herxhiemer Reaction or Cleansing Crisis.  This can occur when the body is overwhelmed with accumulated cellular wastes being released too rapidly.  It can turn what should be an invigorating experience into dreadful days of headache, digestive distress, lethargy, etc.
Avoid these pitfalls by coming to our April class!  Suzan Moody, our in-house detox diva, will guide you through the steps of proper cleansing, from which benefits may include:

  • improved digestion
  • increased energy, mental clarity, and sense of well-being
  • healthier circulation
  • immunity boost
  • reduced pain in joints and muscles
Contact us to register for this FREE EVENT by Tues. April 18.  
All registered participants have a chance to win a FREE FOOT DETOX!

If you haven't seen our giveaway post for a Young Living oil and Essential Oil Jewelry, there is still time!  Winner will be chosen April 3rd!
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YOUNG LIVING Essential Oils Classes
6:00pm -7:00pm
Marie Koch, Presenter
Hop on in to our Wellness Center each Tuesday evening for some ESSENTIAL knowledge. 

Bring A Friend for a free gift!  *First time visitors and YL Distributors under HH4L attend FREE.  $5 for all others.  Make & Takes are $5 or less for each item.
4    30 Day Mental Cleanse Challenge
11  NingXia Red
18  No Class
25  Aromatherapy for Better Health
ADELPHA Thermography
UPCOMING:  Monday, April 17th
NEXT DATE:  Wed. June 21st
 by Appointment Only
with Linda Alchin RN

Infrared Thermography has redefined early detection for Breast Cancer by providing the earliest and most sensitive means of screening.
This simple procedure of taking digital computerized pictures with a specialized Thermography camera is safe, non toxic, highly accurate and an inexpensive form of diagnostic imaging used by progressive physicians in the US and Europe since 1952.
Must have a current medical doctor, MD or DO.  To schedule Call LINDA  at 248-797-1191
 Cost $165  Appointments take about 30 minutes.
Learn More
Email Linda
*Disclaimer: Statements made on this newsletter, have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.