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October News

These Ladies Mean Business, Breast Cancer Check, Mushroom Medicinals, Love Bulk Week, NonGMO Month, Young Living Essential Oils: Class is Back in Session!
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Because THIS women-owned business has respect for all the other entrepreneurial ladies who started their own companies, we are featuring girl-powered brands for National Women's Small Business Month.

Integrity Pure & Natural

Founded by cosmetologist and Michigan native DeAnna Gilbert, this line of skin care products is exactly as described - high quality ingredients expertly combined with no junk!  No gluten, no dyes, no parabens, and no animal testing. (Currently making the switch from beeswax to candelilla wax to become completely Vegan too).
Integrity Pure Natural Display
For Most Skin Types:
- Rosewater Face Tonic
- Glorious Face Serum
- Rose Kaolin Clay Mask
For Sensitive Skin:
- Sensitive Skin Tonic
- Sensitive Skin Serum
- French Green Clay Mask
For Oily or Acne Prone:
- Clarifying face tonic
- Clarifying face serum
- Charcoal & Rhassoul Clay Mask
SAVE 15% on Integrity Pure & Natural with COUPON CODE: IPN15
through October
Treat yourself or give as a gift.  There is something for every skin type.  Refresh your skin with a toning Face Tonic, with an aloe vera and witch hazel base.  Nourish and soften with a silky smooth Serum, and detoxify and improve complexion with a Clay mask.  With normal use, each bottle should last at least 3 months.  When there are no extra filler ingredients, a little goes a long way!
Get the full spa experience with Mineral-rich bath salts, Coffee & Coconut Sugar Scrubs, and a Shea Butter Lotion Sticks.  Plus, find three scents of luxurious lotions in full and travel sizes.
Among Friends Baking Mixes
All of the mixes are certified Gluten Free, and NonGMO Project Verified.  

Save 10% on Among Friends in October!

Regularly $5.99 NOW $5.39

Among Friends

Another Michigan-proud pair of friends and entrepreneurs, started this company and have taken it nationwide!  Among Friends baking mixes reflect their desire to share baked goods with other discriminating palates. Fresh-from-the-oven and made from the best ingredients for those days when treats from scratch are impractical or well nigh impossible.
ice chips

Save 10% on ALL 18 flavors of  ICE CHIPS
Regularly $4.99 NOW $4.49

Ice Chips Candy

Started by "two grannies in a garage" who were looking for a way to make a candy with health benefits, the resulting Ice Chips are a tasty way to satisfy your sweet tooth without worrying about blood sugar spike or rotting teeth.  To that end, the basis for the candy is Xylitol, a sugar alcohol that actually has dental benefits and will not raise blood sugar!  Ice Chips Candy uses only the birch bark Xylitol, made in the USA, in order to avoid any chance of using genetically modified corn.



Yoga equipment made better by design was founder Sarah Chambers' mission when she began Hugger Mugger Yoga Products back in 1986.  One of the most unique items is the "Para Rubber" Mat, made with natural rubber sustainably harvested from a non-Amazon source.  The Para Rubber Yoga Mat is equally grippy on both sides providing extra stability and a more connected feeling to your practice. The excellent, stable, dense cushioning is ideal for any yoga practice, for a long-lasting, durable mat you'll enjoy for years.
CLEARANCE!  Since we are phasing out our Yoga supplies, you can find all Hugger Mugger yoga mats, foam bricks, and straps for 20% off while supply lasts!
WAS $36.99 NOW $29.59
Conventional feminine hygeine products are not sustainable (being mostly plastic), and may actually be harmful to your health.  While TSS (toxic shock syndrome) has declined thanks to research on tampons, there is still concern that traces of these chemicals remain from the fragrance and bleaching processes.  With no labeling required and no testing done, it is unknown whether a standard tampon has dioxins from bleaching, BPAs from the plastic, phthalates, or other endocrine disruptors from fragrances.  Since the average woman will use over 11,000 pads or tampons in her lifetime, even a small amount of toxin can have a cumulative effect, (not to mention the associated cost and waste.)
Founded in Finland by a woman who was thrilled with the freedom she found utilizing a menstrual cup, Lunette was the result of a determined effort for improved safety, ease, and comfort.  For women who are tired of the cycle of buying and throwing away tampons and pads, Lunette offers safe, and efficient, economical and eco-logical period protection — no strings attached! 

If you aren't ready to give up on tampons and pads, try 100% biodegradable Natracare organic cotton feminine products.  Always chlorine-free and fragrance-free to eliminate the possibility of dioxins and endocrine disruptors being absorbed into the bloodstream.




Sadly, because 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime, a huge portion of the population has been impacted by this disease in some way.  It's easy to forget that breast cancer is not exclusively a woman's disease either; men's lifetime risk of breast cancer is actually about 1 in 1000.  Taking a pro-active rather than a reactive approach is the best way to beat those odds.  That's why a diet rich in antioxidants like lycopene, vitamin D, and eating your cruciferous vegetables is a good idea.  Additionally, get regular screenings with Adelpha Thermography, a process that can detect breast tissue changes at the earliest stages, as many as 5-8 years ahead of mammograms. 

Adelpha Thermography will be here Monday, Oct. 17th.  See Details below Wellness Center.
This time of year, we like to keep our immune systems boosted to keep us going through the colder months.  Mushrooms are often overlooked in favor of echinacea or elderberry, but they offer a wealth of benefits that go beyond the immune system.  As always, be sure to talk to your pharmacist and/or trusted health care professional before introducing a new supplement to your system.*
New Chapter's Life Shield Immune Support contains the following powerhouse mushrooms:
New Chapter's LifeShield - Immune Support
ON SALE this month!  With attention the the strain and whole life cycle of the mushroom, their medicinal potential is MAXIMIZED.
120ct  Reg. $52.99 NOW $44.99
60ct  Reg. $36.99  NOW $30.99
REISHI - Perhaps the most popular mushroom of the group for it's widespread health benefits, Reishi mushroom has been taken by Chinese royalty for centuries as the "longevity mushroom."  Aside from being an excellent immune booster, allergy fighter, neuroprotector, blood sugar reducer, it too has multiple ways of attacking cancer cells.  Reishi has been studied in both human and animal clinical trials to reduce the size and growth rates of tumors.
SHIITAKE - What makes shiitakes unique is a compound called eritadenine, found to encourage the body to lower the amount of cholesterol circulating in the blood.  
LIONS MANE -  Studies have pointed to Lions Mane for brain/nerve health, specifically Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, post-stroke and dementia as well as anxiety and depression.  It seems to protect the nerve's outer coating, the myelin sheath.  
MAITAKE - Aside from notable anti-cancer action, there is promising research on maitake extract for lowering blood pressure and blood glucose levels.  
TURKEY TAIL - Numerous studies have been done with regards to cancer and turkey tail.  Recently, turkey tail extract was was shown to stimulate the immune system and slow tumor growth; it decreased the metastasis of breast cancer.  It decreased tumor weight by 36% and decreased lung metastasis by 70%. It also showed a protective effect on bone, which can be damaged and lost due to breast cancers.
CHAGA - Commonly used in Russia, Poland, and Baltic areas, the fruiting boy of Chaga seems to slow tumor cell proliferation.  It showed promise in several studies to inhibit viral membrane fusion with regard to Herpes Simplex Virus.
Save 20% on bulk herbs, spices, and teas!
Save 10% on pre-packaged bulk foods!

Dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and snacks that have been packaged at Healthy Habitz.

BULK WEEK  October 16-22

It's that time again for our annual bulk foods week-long sale!  Isn't it great to save money and save on packaging? Come see all 250+ bulk herbs, spices, and teas that are available - pick and choose in any quantity you like! Say goodbye to stale and flavorless spices and wake up your taste buds. Even if you are just a salt and pepper kind of person, you can find specialty salts and peppers in colors white, black, pink, or red! Feel free to bring in your own container to reduce waste even more.
Each October we highlight the importance of choosing Non GMO Products, and with the passing of the "Dark Act", looking for that monarch butterfly on packaging is even more important. Read more about the bill and subsequent fallout here
Although the US continues to lag behind in the fight for more sustainable agriculture,  we can vote with our dollars and choose certified organic and non GMO verified items.  While the debate continues over the health consequences of eating GMOs, one certainty is that the process of growing the majority of GMO crops is a toxic undertaking.  Last October's newsletter detailed the breadth of the problem. 
NON GMO PROJECT Drive - Fri. Oct. 21st
We do our best to make sure our entire store is GMO free!  If you have a question about any product, please don't hesitate to ask!  

We will be donating 5% of sales that Friday to the NonGMO Project so mark Friday the 21st on your calendar!  For some extra fun, anyone who makes a $10+ purchase on that day may enter our raffle for a Non GMO Gift Basket valued at over $50!   Plus, find NEW NonGMO canvass bags that are $15.99 or FREE with $75+ purchase while supplies last.

Gift basket winner will be chosen on Monday the 24th.  Do not need to be present to win.  Basket may be shipped at winner's expense.  See store for details.


Adelpha Breast Thermography

Adelpha Thermography

Linda Allchin, RN
Mon. October 17th
By Appointment

Medical thermology can reveal the abnormal metabolic and blood-flow features that are characteristic of certain types of diseases including breast cancer. Skin temperature is a result of blood-flow and metabolic activity near the surface of the body. Medical thermology provides a means of evaluating skin temperatures for specific abnormalities in patterns, levels and behaviors that are characteristic of certain disorders and diseases. It is completely different from all other forms of diagnostic imaging as it evaluates features of body function (physiology) rather than structure (X-ray, ultrasound or MRI).

The glandular and ductal networks of the breasts are specialized variations of sweat glands and are actually organs of the skin rather than internal organs. The blood-flow and metabolic activity of the female breast are highly influenced by estrogens and progesterone hormones and the phases of the menstrual cycle as well as pregnancy and lactation. These influences will manifest changes in the breasts' thermal features.
Typically, medical thermology indicates breast cancer by a detailed evaluation of the levels, patterns and behavior of “Hot Spots” on the skin that result from abnormal blood-flow and metabolic conditions characteristic of cancer. The “Hot Spots”of breast cancer occur as a result of the uncontrolled and excessive flow of the body's core-temperature blood to a relatively superficial area. This excessive blood-flow occurs simultaneously with the first cellular changes of cancer and precedes the development of a physically-discernible tumor. This explains the ability of medical thermology to provide the earliest objective indication of breast cancer, often years prior to structural-based diagnostic imaging, such as X-ray mammography and ultrasound.

Must have a current medical doctor, MD or DO.  To schedule or for any questions Call LINDA  at 248-797-1191
Cost: $165
6:00pm -7:00pm

Marie Koch, Presenter

The many uses and health benefits of essential oils are explored in our Wellness Center.

4 -  Oral Care Naturally
11 - Reading Food Labels
18 - Make & Take *
25 - Animal & Pet Care
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*First time visitors and YL Distributors under HH4L attend FREE.  $5 for all others.
Make & Takes are $5 or less for each item.
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